RS3040CL – industrial air-cooled triode with output power 60 kW

The RS 3040 CL triode, intended for dielectric heating applications, delivers continuous RF power of 32 kW. It is especially well suited to industrial applications such as paper, agrifood and textile drying.
This air-cooled triode uses a coaxial design and metalceramic technology. It may be operated in CW or pulse modes. For operation in pulse mode, the parameters depend on each equipment characteristics.

Radio Frequency Drying is a simple precise process and is in common use in the food/textile industry with proven processes available for a wide range of applications such as: Post bake drying and moisture control // Preheating of dough and cake mixes // Rapid heating of tube fed products for both pre-cook and pasteurisation/sterilisation requirements // Moisture removal for both natural and synthetic textiles.