Question 1: How to handle vacuum products properly?

Answer: Vacuum products, esp. vacuum electron tubes are very fragile due to internal structure and used materials. The cathode of the vacuum tube is made from thoriated tungsten (WTh) which becomes extremely fragile after tube production process. Tube can be damaged even with a light shock. Three main rules for handling/storing vacuum tubes: 1. Use textile gloves to avoid oxidation. 2. Avoid shocks and excess vibrations. 3. Store product in vertical position in original package. For more information please refer to General business and delivery terms DPM Solutions s.r.o.

Question 2: Do the red (active) shock and position indicators on the delivery box always mean damaged tube?

Answer: Not always. Soft insert of our boxes can save tube from damage. We often use box-in-box packaging system. Nevertheless customer has to make a note in a delivery documents during visual box inspection in the presence of a courier.

Question 3: Could you specify term Operated hours?

Answer: Operated hours – is the number (qty.) of hours when the filament of the tube is turned on. These hours are count independently on the usage (active usage) of the equipment.